What to Consider When Leasing Your Next Canon Copier

Looking for a copier can be a bit of a tedious process. There is scoping out the devices, looking at vendors, thinking about workflows, looking at costs. Don’t worry, we have you covered and will help you get an awesome deal on your next Canon copier in Virginia Beach!

The first thing to consider, is how many people are going to use the copier in the office. What applications do they need to use the copier for. We can immediately go for cost savings, but what good is cost savings if the copier does not function as needed?

Once you have a good handle on what people do today, it is good to strategize and see if this is an opportunity to improve efficiency. Many companies use this as an opportunity to add a DMS system. (Document Management System) – If you do not have one, you should consider that as well.

You will want to consider the copier specs. This includes speed, color quality, max paper size, max paper thickness, etc. Each copier will have its own plusses and minuses. The goal is to find the one that matches your needs with its strengths. As an aside, we also sell HP and Xerox copiers if Canon doesn’t have a solution that works for you. We find most companies do rather well with the Canon line, but there are occasional exceptions.

Finally, you will want to compare the companies. Do they have their own techs? How long have they been in business? Are they nice?

Once you get past all of these factors, you should consider price and then go with the company you believe will treat you the best. We are here to help you get your next copier in Virginia Beach.