How We Help

We are the copier leasing partner you have been looking for!

We know copiers, we lease copiers, we sell copiers. We are experts in business workflow, but more importantly, we are people like you. We don’t like problems with our technology any more than you do. We have a team of sales professionals to help you find the right product, but our real “secret sauce” is our amazing technicians who can service your copiers and keep you running and happy.

Our view of a copier company is we are here to make your life easier. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks for service or support. You should be able to call us, when you need help, and get help.

We sell a few brands, because no single brand is able to have a copier for every client we speak to. We love having options for our values clients. We are here to advise and hopefully make the process of getting your next copier lease a little more pleasant.

We lease copiers, this can be a FMV or a $1 lease. Fair Market Value lease, or FMV means you return the copier at the end of the lease. This is the most popular kind of copier lease. There is also a $1 Out lease, which means when the lease ends, you pay $1 and keep the copier. This type of lease works well for clients who run everything until they die.

We look at the cost of the copier, and we realize in the grand scheme, a copier costs very little (when compared to office space, employees, etc)… With that being said, the copier also has the power to make those employees less efficient and more stressed out. So it may have a small number on the balance sheet, it becomes a big issue in the office if it is not working.

Working with us, you can relax, you will see your copier is taken care of and we care your copier is working. Call us if you need a copier lease, want to buy a copier or need copier service in Virginia Beach.