Tricks to Make a Copier Install Go Better

Getting Ready for a Copier Install:

We do maybe 40 to 75 copier installs a month, and have for years, and what you learn when doing thousands of anything, should help those getting ready to try to install their new copier. If you haven’t got a copier yet, take it from us, there are ways to make it all go smoother.

First thing, when doing a copier install, is to make sure the old copier is sent back and extra payments are not required because that was neglected / forgotten.

  • You will want to get an address and a date when the old copier needs to be back
  • You will want to arrange this so you hit the deadlines
  • You need to wipe the current copier hard drive (do the security overwrite within the copier)
  • You want to be sure your team knows when the new copier is being installed.

When the new copier arrives, it is likely it will be dropped off first, and then a network tech will help you get it connected to your network, set the ip addresses and get your staff connected and able to use all the functions.

  • You will be using a relay for emails, or you will need to create a username and password – a real email so that can be set up. No one can set up emails without one or the other.
  • You will want to make sure you can get into the computers of the people who will want to, or need to, print right away.
  • You will need to set up your job accounting if that is needed
  • Finally, you need to get your people trained on how to use their new copier.

When the copier is set up. Print an email. See if it has color on the print. If it does, decide if this is appropriate. There are programs that allow you to set color by application. This can be a huge savings on your copier maintenance plan.

Then, we would suggest to be sure each and every computer can print. Also, that the copier is the default printer if that is the desire from your team.

If you are looking to buy or lease a copier in Virginia Beach, we would love to help! Give us a call asap.