The End of the Copier Lease

The Copier Lease Cycle

When leasing a copier, there is excitement of new technology that will help the office be more productive. Everyone is excited to get their scan to email working along with the print drivers being set up. Then there is setting the drivers for default black and white (or not)…

Then, the copier is used for a number of years, and finally, there is a day where the copier needs to be returned and it is time for another lease.

There are usually a few things that happen at this stage.

  • The copier company calls and lets you know you can get a new copier and pay a bit less than you are currently paying. This is normally done about 6 months before your lease ends. Why?

The important thing here for the copier company is trying to be sure they get to keep you as a client. Part of the push is their ability to be able to work with the leasing company to get you a better deal which their competitors are unable to do. The other part is their understanding the older the technology gets, the more likely it is the equipment has been having issues.

Next, there is a shipback. If you don’t get another lease, expect a bill of $500 to $1000 for this. It is part of the initial contract. So, when you are trying to go “paperless,” there is a bit of an extra cost at the end.

  • You should be offered services like Document Management

At this point, every company should have been offered document management. This is basically a system in your office to be able to find any business document from any person at any time. Think of it as doing for your office what Google does for the internet. How would you find that awesome cat meme without Google? Likewise, how are you going to find the marketing piece the sales rep that was working there sent out 12 months ago a client is asking about. It is important to have a robust document management system hosted in the cloud (this also protects you in case of fire, flood, etc).

Finally, you will have the install of the new copier. The same excitement brews and we repeat the 5 year cycle. We would love to work with you on your next copier. Call us for transparent pricing and the best technology in Virginia Beach!