Is It Time for a Copier Trade In?

When you get closer to the end of a copier lease, there is a tendency to look to trade in the existing copier. This can be a great strategy it the right circumstances, but there are times where it is not really too workable. We have your back and want to explain when this would and would not make sense for your business.

There are a couple of factors that will have a profound effect on your decision

Do you own the copier or are you leasing it?

If you are leasing the copier, a “trade in” is probably the wrong way to phrase it. It would be more of a lease buyout, meaning the remaining balance would get put into the new lease. There are times this strategy can get you a newer copier at a better monthly price. This happens more when you are at the end of a lease and the copier you are getting is cheaper than the copier you have. The good news is most copiers on a unit by unit basis have gone down in costs over the past 5 years pretty substantially. We can help your company with a lease buyout.

Is your copier old or fairly new?

No dealer is going to want your 8 year old copier that has been a tank more than you want it. Dealers have to have available parts and it is hard to sell such an old unit in the first place. If you have an old copier, the best thing that normally happens is the dealer won’t charge you to get rid of it. Maybe they can use some of it for parts to keep the same model going in their fleet.

We help companies do lease upgrades all the time, and there are times where we will staight up tell the customer it is just not the right time yet. If they are so frustrated with the current copier, we can get them a small desktop copier to take on a lot of the work and then swap out the bigger unit when it financially makes sense for the client.

We hope you will give us a call if you are looking to do a trade up or a copier lease buyout in the Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads areas.