How to Get Service ASAP

Speeding Up Copier Service Times

One of the things which slow down an office is when the copier goes down. Of course, we would all like the copier to “just work” or the dealer to “just know” what is happening, but this is rarely the case. If you are frustrated with the speed you get service, then here are some ways to help your dealer help you!

  • If there is an error code, make sure to jot down what that is. Often this one piece of information will tell the tech what needs to be done.
  • Same if there is an error message, often this will help guide what is happening. If the copier says paper mismatch, it is easy to know it is a driver issue with the paper loaded rather than a power or board issue. Knowing the error message really helps speed up the troubleshooting.
  • If there is no message, sending a screenshare video helps the dealer see what you are doing that isn’t working.
  • Go to the copier and click to see the jobs tab on the copier to ensure the copier is actually getting the print job.
  • Check the internet to be sure there is a network connection.
  • Think about if there had recently been a router changed. If so, that is likely your issue.

There are all kinds of issues that can happen with a copier. Knowing what is going on, past, “it doesn’t work” will help your copier dealer get you up and printing ASAP! If you need a copier in Virginia Beach, we would love to help you get one. Give us a call!